1. No pets.  We love our pets too, but are trying to keep our facility allergen free for those who can’t enjoy animals.  Ask us about quality boarding facilities nearby!
  2. No smoking.  Whitetail Ridge Lodge is a smoke free facility. Smoking inside the lodge will result in a $500 cleaning charge plus any additional charges for damages to but not limited to carpets, upholstery, leather, wood floors, curtains or bedding.
  3. Whitetail Ridge Lodge is inspected annually and treated for any unwanted pests.  However, in our scenic rural setting, where we can commune with nature we sometimes do encounter bugs, spiders, mice or other woodland creatures trying to commune with us, no refunds are given in the event of these encounters.
  4. Please respect property boundaries.
  5. We do our best to provide you with access to “free” amenities such as stove, ovens, refrigerator, microwave, kuerig or coffeepot, dishwasher, washer, dryer, TV’s, satellite, internet, and other small appliances, but on rare occasions despite upkeep these will malfunction.  Please notify us immediately of these types of inconveniences and we will do our best to service them as soon as humanly possible.  No money can be refunded for these unknown inconveniences.
  6. In the event of acts of nature beyond our control such as time without electricity, water or satellite and WiFi interruptions, Whitetail Ridge Lodge cannot make refunds, but will seek to restore services as soon as possible.  The Lodge is equipped with a back-up generator to limit these inconveniences but it is not a guarantee. The Barn is a steel building and there is no WiFi.
  7. We will attempt to remove snow or ice from the driveway on the day of your arrival.  However, due to the remote location of  Whitetail Ridge Lodge use of four wheel drive vehicles is strongly recommended from November through April.
  8. There will be no use of ATV’s at the property.
  9. There will be absolutely no hunting or shooting permitted at the property.  The hunting rights are leased and restricted to only those members.
  10. No fires are permitted anywhere on the property except those designated for such use.
  11. There are designated eating areas in both the Lodge and the Barn please refrain from eating in the bedrooms or on the furniture.  If however, you choose to eat in areas other than  those designated areas you will be charged $100.00 for cleaning.
  12. We ask that you follow all guidelines regarding use of Whitetail Ridge Lodge.  No refunds will be given in the event that you are asked to vacate the property due to disruptive conduct or violation of said guidelines.
  13. Guests agree to hold Whitetail Ridge Lodge harmless of personal injury, loss, or damage to guests personal property for any reason during stay.
  14. Guests agree they have read, understand and are responsible for all above policies by placing an online or phone reservation.