Rules & Regulations

  1. Rates are based on two guests. Additional guests are $40.00 per person, per night. The maximum number of guests permitted at the lodge is eight. Maximum Capacity at the barn when rented with the lodge is seven. Total capacity for both buildings is 15.
  2. Whitetail Ridge Lodge and Barn is reserved for paid guests only. We do not allow unpaid overnight guests. Occupancy is limited to the maximum number of guests in your reservation. If our video surveillance indicates more than the correct number of paid guests staying as an overnight guest, you will be charged an additional $50.00 per person fee.
  3. Maximum occupancy is three couples or eight individuals accommodated at Whitetail Ridge Lodge. There are three king beds the fourth bed is a sofa pullout.
  4. Maximum occupancy is three couples or 7 total at The Barn. There are three queen beds and a twin. One queen is in the great area (not private) and is a Murphy Bed.
  5. Minimum two-night stay required.
  6. You must be 21 to book a reservation at Whitetail Ridge Lodge.
  7. There are NO UNPERMITTED PARTIES OR EVENTS! Lose all deposit.
  8. Booking Your Reservation: Payment is required at time of booking. All reservations require 50% down with balance due one week before arrival.
  9. Cancellation: No penalty if cancelling more than two weeks ahead of your arrival, however you will be asked to reimburse our credit card charges. Approximately $50.00 Cancellations 14 days or less you will lose your deposit. You will be offered a one-time chance to reschedule your reservation subject to availability and rate changes. There is no refund for late arrival or early departure.
  10. No pets! The Lodge is a NO PET facility including all indoor and outdoor space, garage, or patios. If evidence of a pet is discovered you will be charged a minimum of $250.00 or maximum full loss of security deposit! Ask us about quality boarding facilities nearby!
  11. No smoking! Whitetail Ridge Lodge is a smoke free facility. Smoking inside the lodge will result in a $500 cleaning charge plus any additional charges for damages to but not limited to carpets, upholstery, leather, wood floors, curtains or bedding.
  12. Damage: If you break anything at the lodge, please let us know. We understand if minor accidents happen. Deliberate damage is not tolerated. You will lose your security deposit.
    *Just a note here. Please do not eat on the living room furniture or in the bedrooms! There will be a $100 extra cleaning fee applied if we find food here.
    Please do not take our things. We will know and you will be charged.
  13. Whitetail Ridge Lodge is inspected annually and treated for any unwanted pests. However, in our scenic rural setting, where we can commune with nature, we sometimes do encounter bugs, spiders, mice or other woodland creatures trying to commune with us, no refunds are given in the event of these encounters.
  14. Please respect property boundaries. We want to be good neighbors; please do not disturb our neighbors by trespassing on their adjoining properties. Also be considerate of guests in both the Barn and the Lodge when rented separately on a weekend by staying in your private areas and refraining from excessive outdoor noise especially late into the evenings. Lastly regarding boundaries, because we lease the woodland for hunting and trapping to control wildlife, we ask that you stay out of the woods from September through May. However, you may go where ever the grass is mowed! Absolutely NO HUNTING or SHOOTING permitted on the property except by those members. If you shoot on the property, you will lose your security deposit and you will be evicted.
  15. NO ATV use is permitted on the property. If you run an ATV on the property, you will lose your security deposit and you will be evicted.
  16. We do our best to provide you with access to “free” amenities such as stove, ovens, refrigerator, microwave, Keurig, dishwasher, washer, dryer, TV’s, satellite, internet, and other small appliances, but on rare occasions despite upkeep these will malfunction. Please notify us immediately of these types of inconveniences and we will do our best to service them as soon as humanly possible. No money can be refunded for these unknown inconveniences.
  17.  In the event of acts of nature beyond our control such as time without electricity, water or satellite and Wi-Fi interruptions, Whitetail Ridge Lodge cannot make refunds, but will seek to restore services as soon as possible. The Lodge is equipped with a back-up generator to limit these inconveniences, but it is not a guarantee.
  18. We will attempt to remove snow or ice from the driveway on the day of your arrival. However, due to the remote location of Whitetail Ridge Lodge use of 4×4 vehicles is strongly recommended from November through April.
  19. Cleanliness is very important to us! We still are following increased cleaning procedures instituted during the pandemic. EVERYTHING is laundered and sanitized between guests, including all antimicrobial pillow protectors.
  20.  We ask that you follow all guidelines regarding use of Whitetail Ridge Lodge. No refunds will be given in the event that you are asked to vacate the property due to disruptive conduct or violation of said guidelines.
  21. Guests agree to hold Whitetail Ridge Lodge harmless of personal injury, loss, or damage to guests’ personal property for any reason during stay.
  22. Guests agree they have read, understand and are responsible for all above policies by placing an online or phone reservation.

Damage Policy

Most of our experiences with our guests are wonderful!

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen, either intentionally or accidentally that cause damages to the lodge or to the items provided.  Since we do not collect a security deposit when you make the reservation, which is a convenience for you, we still need to protect our investment in this beautiful home.  Each building has a $750.00 security deposit. By making an online reservation you are agreeing that you have read and understand this policy.  If damages are in excess of $750.00, we will seek legal action against you to collect it. We have come up with a short list of fees including, but not limited to, these common issues.  If you know that you have caused any damage to the property, please let us know.  Honesty is always the best policy for us!

Eating in areas inside the lodge other than the kitchen or dining area.$100.00
Excessive dirt/trash/abuse of property requiring extra cleaning$250.00
Plates or glassware breakage. (per item)$10.00
Damage to small appliances.  (or replacement)$50.00
Stains to towels/bedding from acne creams/hair dyes/makeupReplacement $
Damages to large appliances  (service charge/repair plus $100.00)$TBA
Broken windows or mirrors (replacement plus $100.00)$TBA
Damage to furniture.   (replacement plus $100.00)$TBA
Uninvited pets.$500.00
Extreme soiling of carpets.$500.00
Vomit/blood on walls, floors, windows, or furniture minimum charge$500.00
Intentional drain stoppage (putting things in the disposal, drains, or toilet that do not belong there: including excessive toilet paper)$250.00
Trash strewn around inside or outside property or damage to landscaping$250.00
Hunting and shooting on the property is NOT PERMITTED EVER!!$500.00
Use of ATV’s on the property is NOT PERMITTED EVER!!$500.00

You will be asked to vacate the property and there will be no refund.If you forget a personal item and ask to have it returned, we will gladly do that for you, but you will be charged the postage rate plus $10.00 handling fee.