Damage Policy

Most of our experiences with our guests are wonderful!

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen, either intentionally or accidentally that cause damages to the lodge or to the items provided.  Since we do not collect a security deposit when you make the reservation, which is a convenience for you, we still need to protect our investment in this beautiful home.  Each building has a $750.00 security deposit. By making an online reservation you are agreeing that you have read and understand this policy.  If damages are in excess of $750.00, we will seek legal action against you to collect it. We have come up with a short list of fees including, but not limited to, these common issues.  If you know that you have caused any damage to the property, please let us know.  Honesty is always the best policy for us!

Eating in areas inside the lodge other than the kitchen or dining area.$100.00
Excessive dirt/trash/abuse of property requiring extra cleaning$250.00
Plates or glasswear breakage. (per item)$10.00
Damage to small appliances.  (or replacement)$50.00
Stains to towels/bedding from acne creams/hair dyes/makeupReplacement $
Damages to large appliances  (service charge/repair plus $100.00)$TBA
Broken windows or mirrors (replacement plus $100.00)$TBA
Damage to furniture.   (replacement plus $100.00)$TBA
Uninvited pets.$500.00
Extreme soiling of carpets.$500.00
Vomit/blood on walls, floors, windows, or furniture minimum charge$500.00
Intentional drain stoppage (putting things in the disposal, drains, or toilet that do not belong there: including excessive toilet paper)$250.00
Trash strewn around inside or outside property or damage to landscaping$250.00
Hunting and Shooting on the property is NOT PERMITTED EVER!!$500.00
Use of ATV’s on the property is NOT PERMITTED EVER!!$500.00

You will be asked to vacate the property and there will be no refund.If you forget a personal item and ask to have it returned, we will gladly do that for you, but you will be charged the postage rate plus $10.00 handling fee.